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The intelligent home of the future

Insero Live Lab was a visionary 'Living Lab' where families in their own homes tested the latest technology within energy and ICT - controlled via a Smart Grid. It was a demonstration of the intelligent energy system of the future, which provided consumers with more information and access to manage their own energy consumption.

With Insero Live Lab, innovative companies and entrepreneurs alike were presented with a unique opportunity to have their products and services demonstrated in a real world setting, with real life end-users and with a specific market in mind.


Participant in Insero Live Lab

20 carefully selected families in the village of Stenderup just south of Horsens had the chance to optimise their homes with the latest energy technology – thus saving money on their heating bill. Stenderup is located within Insero’s geographical area, but outside the collective heating supply.  

What did participation in Insero Live Lab entail…

About the equipment

About the equipment

In addition to the possibility of influencing the future development within intelligent and sustainable energy systems, the participants had the latest technology made available, including heat pump, solar heating, photovoltaic panels, electric vehicle with charger, and a complete home automation system for controlling indoor climate and comfort.  

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