Electric car


An electric car is designed to meet future requirements because it is not depending on how the electricity is produced and therefore is guaranteed fuel in the future. The electric car is more cost saving and more eco-friendly, compared to petrol-powered cars. The electric car emits a smaller amount of CO2, regenerates energy from the brakes and has lower running costs than regular cars – the chosen model has a power consumption of approx. DKK 0.20 per kilometre.

The model chosen for the project is a Nissan Leaf, Acenta-model from 2013. This type of electric car has lithium-ion batteries, which are the same type used for cell phones and computers. Nissan Leaf is a practical and spacious car with 5 seats and a cruising range of 199 km, which makes it perfect for many families. In addition, the participants in Insero Live Lab will get a Home Charging Unit, so they can wake up with a fully charged car. The battery is fully charged in approx. 7-8 hours, however, in a quick-charge station, it takes 20-30 minutes to charge the battery up to 80%.

Brand: Nissan Leaf, Acenta, 2013

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