Danish premiere of hybrid heat pump


During the next couple of weeks, the first Bosch hybrid heat pumps will be installed in Denmark – and you have to go to the village of Stenderup, trial site in Insero Live Lab, to find them. The installations will become part of Insero Live Lab – one of the trial sites in a large European project – where 25 families will test the latest equipment within energy.

The hybrid heat pumps, which will be installed in the village, consist of an air/water heat pump connected to a natural gas boiler. The gas boiler and the heat pump complement each another, making the heating solution flexible in relation to electricity rates and at the same time energy efficient and eco-friendly. The families will experience a lower energy usage and thereby save on the heating bill. The hybrid heat pump is from Bosch and is one of the heating solutions in Insero Live Lab. Around ten hybrid heating pumps will be installed in Stenderup.

Besides the hybrid heat pump, the families will also be testing solar heating systems, photovoltaic cells, geothermal heat pumps and electric cars. The equipment will be connected in an intelligent system where the families will, among other things, be able to follow their own energy usage and spending. Participating local companies will use the project as a platform for testing new technologies and getting an insight into energy consumption patterns.

You can read more about the hybrid heat pump in the project here


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