Experiences from a living laboratory

One of the families in the demonstration project Insero Live Lab – which is part of the European FINESCE project – shared some of their experiences with being part of a living laboratory. The husband, Erik, likes to know how everything works – also down to the small details – and his wife Kirsten looks […]

Insero Live Lab is testing the energy storage of the future in solar wells

As part of the FINESCE project, some of the first solar wells in Denmark are now being installed in Insero Live Lab – located in the village of Stenderup just outside Horsens. The solar wells, which make it possible to store heat collected from the sun and use it during the cold months, are based […]

Danish premiere of hybrid heat pump

During the next couple of weeks, the first Bosch hybrid heat pumps will be installed in Denmark – and you have to go to the village of Stenderup, trial site in Insero Live Lab, to find them. The installations will become part of Insero Live Lab – one of the trial sites in a large […]

Trial site wins Village of the Year 2013

The title as ‘Village of the Year’ is this year based on a number of videos made by the village and trial site of Stenderup, which documented that in this village, they focus on quality of life, community and network. The award is given to a village with many things in the fire. And in […]

Photovoltaic cells

Just as the solar heating system, the photovoltaic cells use the energy from the sun. The only difference is that the photovoltaic cells produce electricity. The photovoltaic cells use the light of the sun and therefore produce energy for the benefit of the home – even on a cloudy day. This makes photovoltaic cells an […]