Photovoltaic cells

Just as the solar heating system, the photovoltaic cells use the energy from the sun. The only difference is that the photovoltaic cells produce electricity. The photovoltaic cells use the light of the sun and therefore produce energy for the benefit of the home – even on a cloudy day. This makes photovoltaic cells an […]

Home Automation

The home automation system presents data collected from the house which gives a good overview and understanding of the energy consumption. The system also makes it possible for the family to set when to heat the house or charge the electric car. These settings are used in connection with the Internet-based optimization (see also Internet-based […]

Indoor climate measuring equipment

The indoor climate measuring equipment is developed by the company IC-Meter. The purpose of the equipment is to give the residents real-time information on indoor climate, local climate and energy consumption. The data is uploaded every 5 minute through the Internet. The measuring equipment consists of a measurement device, a server, and a website/app where […]

Electric car

An electric car is designed to meet future requirements because it is not depending on how the electricity is produced and therefore is guaranteed fuel in the future. The electric car is more cost saving and more eco-friendly, compared to petrol-powered cars. The electric car emits a smaller amount of CO2, regenerates energy from the […]

Geothermal heat pump

A geothermal heat pump installation uses the energy naturally found in the ground, and it consists of a heat pump located inside the home and pipes with fluid buried under the ground. The anti-freeze fluid in the pipes transports the energy to the heat pump where it is converted into heat. The geothermal heat pump […]

Solar heating system

A solar heating system utilises the energy, which the sun produces each day, making it an eco-friendly and cost-saving solution. An anti-freeze fluid inside the panels is heated by the rays of the sun and is afterwards used for heating in homes. The solar heating panels chosen for the project is from the company Vølund, […]

Air/water heat pump

An air/water heat pump benefits from the energy available in the air outside, converting it into heating and hot water for homes. The model chosen for the project is from the company Vølund, and it has a low sound level as well as an integrated controller that makes it possible to optimise the efficiency. The […]

Natural gas boiler

The natural gas boiler chosen for the project is a condensing gas boiler with an integrated 50 litre hot-water container from Bosch. A condensing gas boiler is an energy efficient solution because it makes optimum use of the energy – the chosen model has an efficiency of 109%. Furthermore, it has a digital regulation of […]

Hybrid heat pump with natural gas boiler

  The hybrid heat pump chosen for the project is an air/water heat pump that uses the constant energy available in the air for heating and hot water in homes. The hybrid heat pump is connected to a natural gas boiler, and therefore the home is guaranteed an efficient and energy-friendly heating solution. Automatic controlling […]

Internet-based optimisation of unit operations

During the project, the company Insero Software will develop this system. With the purpose of analysing and determining e.g. when it will be most efficient to use the heat pump, the system collects consumption data, weather forecasts and also stimulates the fluctuating power costs. This will guarantee optimisation of the production, eco-friendly consumption and also […]