Participants in Insero Live Lab

spar paa varmeregningenIn the village of Stenderup near Horsens in Denmark, 20 families had their homes fitted with the latest equipment within energy and ICT, and via a Smart Grid, the families tested the mutual interaction of the technologies as well as their coherence with the entire energy system. The 20 homes were all situated in Insero’s local area, but a selection criterion was that they were outside the collective heating supply.

While tests were taking place, the families had access to live information about market prices, weather forecasts, production and consumption forecasts, etc. This happened via an intelligent IT-cloud system, through which utility companies, suppliers and other third parties could also interact with the different houses. The initial assumption was that the new equipment combined with presentation of useful information would influence the families’ behaviour and energy consumption in a positive way – which was also true to some degree,  as the families got more and more interested in energy consumption. Consequently, the user interface to the overall Smart Grid would thus be developed in a way that the families would find easy and simple to use.

Finally, the families not only tested the technologies and services. They will also helped develop them further in close cooperation with suppliers and manufacturers, and as a result, they represented the prosumers of the future – a combination of an energy producer and consumer.

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